At Cenoba, we deliver professional excellence and innovative business solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. In fact, our clients generally refer to Cenoba Technology Group as the “make it happen people”, since our teams know how to deliver quality results in a timely fashion.

Our solutions are designed to be managed by our clients with ease. We do complete installation of our systems, properly and efficiently, so you can get back to business without delay. Furthermore, we offer maintenance plans that provide continuous monitoring of your systems to diagnose potential issues before they become problems.

Our solutions are divided into three main categories, each staffed with highly experienced professionals.

Business Intelligence
Data Accessibility
Business Continuity


Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, Metrics Reporting

Our solutions can transform vast and complex data into meaningful business information, enabling clients to generate a complete view of their business activity.

Cenoba’s data warehousing and balanced scorecard solutions help bridge the gap between business decision making and technology. We have worked with companies in various industries to plan, design and implement solutions that transform their data into business intelligence.

By unlocking the business value hidden within your data assets, our solutions can generate new product ideas, identify trends in customer behavior, and ultimately, provide a much higher return on investment than typical IT projects.


Data Accessibility

Business doesn't stop as soon as you walk out of your office door, so why should your technology solution?

We offer advanced systems which allow you to securely access your data from virtually anywhere in the world. You can access your email, your files, even your desktop from any internet connection.

Exchange Server 2003, the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server, enables knowledge workers to gain access to critical business communications at anytime, from anywhere. Designed to deliver security, availability, and reliability, the Exchange Server collaboration features help you share information quickly and efficiently. It supports mobile devices such as Pocket PC and Smartphones, thus allowing you access to your Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts and Tasks lists while out of the office. Typical collaborative scenarios include maintaining shared address lists and calendars for view and edit by collegues, scheduling meetings that include people and conference rooms by viewing associated free or busy schedules, and the ability to grant other people, such as administrators, access to your mailbox and reply on your behalf.

We employ Microsoft’s SharePoint Server to provide you with a common, secure, online space where you have access to shared documents – with other users of your office network or your remote colleagues over the internet. SharePoint technology makes effortless collaboration a reality for your business.

Our solutions feature the latest server technology from Microsoft, Windows Server 2003. For small businesses, we recommend Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003, an ideal solution for clients with less than 75 users, looking to increase their network capabilities. This solution contains all of the essential servers in one package (file, print, e-mail, web and fax.) It comes with a simple and user friendly method to help you easily manage and customize the software for your business. Moreover, all of these features are accessible to you remotely – allowing you to work effortlessly from home or any other place with an internet connection.


Business Continuity

Backup is an integral part of any comprehensive business continuity scheme. It is impossible to predict when an event might occur, damaging or destroying your data. Cenoba can help protect you from such an eventuality by utilizing advanced data recovery and system duplication technologies.

  1. Data recovery backs up your data locally (on your own network) so that you may continue your business operations even in the event of corruption or destruction of your data by an unforeseen event.

  2. System duplication automaticaaly and regularly transfers your data to another location using a secure network connection. This strategy provides assurance against disruption to operations due to physical damage – as by fire or storm. During such emergencies, your business can continue to operate with little interruption.

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