At Cenoba Technology Group, we believe in achieving the results our customers require through professional excellence, and innovative business solutions. Our service offerings have been organized into three groups, each staffed with highly qualified and experienced professionals. These resources allow us to ably provide the assistance you might require in managing your IT assets and charting the course for the future.

Operations Support
Software Development



Members of our consulting team have a broad range of business expertise, and are competent in one or more of the following technical areas:

- System Engineering
- Software Solution Development
- Database Design/Administration
- Internet Technology
- Web Site Design
- Technical/Application Training

Cenoba consultants can help in the planning and architecture of solutions to your specific business needs in: IT security, enterprise application integration, work group collaboration, e-commerce, and network infrastructure. Moreover, with the help of our software development teams, we can turn those plans into complete solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

If your requirements are in the broader area of IT management, our experts can serve you with:

Technology Audits & Strategic Planning - Study the security, reliability, and functionality of your current IT investments and assets - hardware, software, network infrastructure. Whether your corporate goals aim for improved compliance (SOX, HIPPA) or better IT Governance (Cobit, ITIL), we can optimize and improve your current technology strategy.

Project Management - As you define the scope and the expected outcome for your IT project, our PMI certified professionals can assist you with developing a realistic plan that is bought-into, and manage the effort to completion on-time and within budget.


Operations Support

If operating your technology assets has become a critical issue for your organization, yet you need to keep your resources focused on core business functions, our Operations Support services can be the answer. Our technical support staff stands ready to assist you with:

Onsite Support and Maintenance - Provide expertise when needed, relieving the ongoing management and budget constraints of maintaining experts in numerous technical fields within your organization.

Remote Management and Resolution - Ensure reliability of your IT operations from our headquarters by performing: system administration functions, connectivity/network troubleshooting, security monitoring, and backup/restore operations.

Telecomputing Support - Provide a seamless environment by integrating your current technologies into a complete Technology Anywhere package: send and receive email, manage contacts and appointments, and retrieve documents at the office, home, or on the road. This service covers office workstation, notebook computer, handheld device, DSL/cable internet connectivity. Training and technical assistance will be scheduled at your convenience.

Sample terms for network maintenance agreement


Software Development

Cenoba offers custom business software solutions made specifically for your company, according to your unique requirements.

We employ standardized technologies and rapid application development tools to provide software that addresses your needs quickly and economically. Our expertise lies in client-server and multi-tier database applications as well as Service Oriented Architecture (Web-Service based) solutions using the Microsoft .NET platform.

Moreover, we keep abreast of industry developments to bring you the most recent and stable technologies, guaranteeing the security of your investment.

We can address your software development needs in the following areas:

• Web Development (Internet/Intranet)
• Enterprise application integration
• Work group collaboration
• E-commerce
• Mobile/Handheld applications

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